Progress Notes - September 2022

September 5-9:

This week, we continued work on our model for our first client, as well as continued to design the Rebecca Ruth facade, and began working on the governor’s mansion. We printed our first model of the Capitol, began work on Kentucky State’s Jackson Hall, and on the Buffalo Trace water tower. We also updated our website and prepared to attend the Louisville Maker Faire.

September 12-16:

This week, we finished the mini-mansion model with basic detailing and continued work on the Jackson Hall building at K-state. We also moved into a new office at the Makerspace, and installed our new resin printer with plans to begin printing soon.

September 18-23:

This week we finished the Jackson Hall model, as well as began prepping the Governor’s Mansion model for printing. We also began working with a new software, Designer 4 by CarveWright, which allows us to create intricate designs that can be applied in subtractive manufacturing.

September 26-30:

This week we continued to work on the new resin printer by setting it up, figuring out the slicing, and starting our first prints. We also continued to orient and upload some of our designs to Sketchfab for free download, which is linked on our website. We also began designing the Castle and Key Distillery, and a few other topographical designs. Lastly, we are working on two additional commissions that can not be shared yet.