A historic places preservation project in digital form.

We are a group of high school seniors from Frankfort High School. As our senior year internship, the four of us are working with the Franklin Center for Innovation’s Makerspace to build and print 3D models of local and statewide historic landmarks. We are working under the business name “3DKY", and our final goal is to 3D print and display a full topographical map of the entire state of Kentucky.

To raise funds for printing materials for our state map, as well as educate the Frankfort community, we are printing multiple smaller models that will eventually also be on display. These models include the Rebecca Ruth Store, The Old and New Capitols, and the Arsenal. We are also printing multiple smaller and one large model of downtown, which will include iconic bridges, buildings, and topography.

We believe our prints will help us share the history of Frankfort with the new generation in a platform they can understand and be free to manipulate without the fear of destroying expensive materials. While traditional maps and museum exhibits are valuable, we believe through 3d modeling, we will be able to help our community develop knowledge of Kentucky through spatial reasoning. As our 3d models will allow people to view and manipulate these objects in three dimensions, we think it will help our community better understand landmarks, maps, and historical buildings.