Progress Notes - August 2022

August 8-12

On Monday, the team established a name (“3DKY”), created a company logo, established the first steps toward a business proposal, and assigned temporary company roles. On Tuesday, we were able to begin setting up a company office, as well as begin downloading the slicing, printing, and 3d design software needed to complete our project. Wednesday, we began working with an already created 3D model, in plans of testing and recreating it with different parts of the state. We also began work on making prints of other iconic Frankfort landmarks like the capitol/arsenal to help raise funds. This work continued until Friday when we began working on setting up our first 3D printer for testing.

August 15-19:

  • Completed set up of the Lulz Bot and Fokoos 3D printers

  • Completed first rough design of the Arsenal and State Capitals

  • Continued work breaking up, repairing, and started printing the downtown Frankfort KY topographical map

  • Printed First Model of the Old Capitol

August 21-26:

This week the team was able to finalize our models of the Liberty Hall Mansion, as well as the old and new Capitols. We also installed a new Dremel printer and began troubleshooting issues with the new Fokoos printers, and designing the Rebecca Ruth Building, Capitol Plaza, and the Transportation Cabinet. Lastly, we printed our first smaller model of the entire downtown.

August 28-31:

This week we drafted a list of buildings and monuments around Frankfort we want to create, as well as began working for our first local client, and making a custom model of their building. Next we created and posted our wishlist, as well as updated our social media accounts, and continued to look for LiDAR data. Currently we are also creating the Buffalo Trace water tower, the Rebecca Ruth building, the Governor’s mansion, and various buildings around K-State. We also printed our first model of the capitol building and added bridges to our model of downtown.